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Patrick is an amazing tutor. He is extremely patient and supportive and works hard to help his students understand complex concepts by breaking it down into simpler terms. He has helped me through several of my university level micro and macro courses; working with him has been transformational. Patrick is very dedicated to his students and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that his students feel confident with their course material. Not only has Patrick helped me excel in my economics courses, but through his teaching I have developed an even greater appreciation and liking for the subject. I am so grateful to have found Patrick and am very appreciative of all the time and effort he has spent teaching me.
- R’na​

COLLEGE TUTOR, Knowledgeable and Patient Tutor - Will Provide a Great Lesson Every Time
Patrick and I started working together when my microeconomics class started. It was a quick-paced course that I took during the summer. With Patrick as my tutor, I finished this course with an A, which I'm grateful for. We had fantastic lessons. Patrick was ready to clarify the material, divide it into manageable pieces, and pose questions to measure my comprehension. Furthermore, I asked Patrick for advice on how to study more effectively, and he was able to help and inspire me to keep working with those new study tips that have proven helpful. Patrick has an incredible gift for tutoring. EVERY LESSON, he showed up prepared to clarify any questions or confusion I might have had during the lesson and was, all in all, great to work with. Every so often, we worked for one to 1.5 hours. THANKS, PATRICK.

- Shelly

Knowledgeable, Patient, and Extremely Smart!

I was super nervous going into the semester to take my behavioral economics class, and I felt that my professor in class did not explain things clearly at all. From my first session with Patrick, he has always been extremely patient and clearly answers any questions I have about material, no matter how many tries it takes for me to understand! He is extremely knowledgeable about economics, and there were never questions left unanswered, and he was even able to provide me made up practice problems from the start. For each concept, Patrick was able to break it all up and simply it into simple steps for me to understand. I ended up earning an A in the class, and I definitely would not have been able to do it without Patrick. I will be recommending him to all my friends who take the class!

Knowledgeable and Relatable
Patrick actually made Economics interesting to me. He gave real-life examples that applied to my life and interests to explain Economic theories. That made it so much easier for me because it wasn’t just broad abstract concepts. I received a B in my class.

- Valerie

When I came to Patrick I was struggling and frustrated with microeconomics. Not only did Patrick help me understand microeconomics, he taught me the patience with learning and studying to help with all classes. Patrick taught me to identify what exactly I was struggling with and worked with me until we figured it out together. Patrick’s patience and flexibility show his desire for his students to succeed in their classes. Patrick tutored many microeconomics students so he always knew what subjects we covered in class and held exam review sessions with students in my class. I don’t know what I would have done without Patrick.

- Max


Patrick helped me understand a subject I was unclear about. Soon after working with him my grade began to noticeably rise. He pushed me to understand the subject farther than I would have pushed myself but with supportive questions and helpful suggestions. I finished with a much better grade in the course than I would have, if I had taken it without his help.

- Emma H

Patrick was a great help to me fall semester, he was always flexible with his schedule and remembered where we would leave off each time. He had a great understanding for economics. He always came prepared with good examples and was patient with helping me understand concepts that were complex to me.

- Kaylee

Patrick knew everything there was to know about the subject, he explained it in a way that was easy for me to remember and to retain and I genuinely understood everything with no experience in the subject. Will definitely be scheduling again as I enjoyed his tutoring very much. Definitely patient and knows what he’s doing.

- Jamie

Patient and extremely helpful. Patrick was very good at finding out where I needed help. We reviewed questions I missed on a practice exam and he recognized the need to go back a few steps. He explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand. Thanks to him, when I retook the practice exam my score went up 20 points.

- Laura

Great teacher, very patient! Patrick has helped me tremendously in my Microeconomics course. I have to tutored with Patrick most of the semester and he is very knowledgeable in the subject, providing detailed examples and working through problems with me that I don’t understand. Tutor with Patrick you will not be disappointed!

- David

Knowledgeable and patient. I am struggling with Microeconomics and Patrick has been wonderful in helping me understand the concepts that we learn in class but I am having trouble comprehending. He is very flexible with scheduling tutoring sessions. He is super knowledgeable and can give examples on concepts I have trouble with. He is very patient and makes sure you understand the topic completely before moving on to the next one. I feel much better about the final I am about to take!

- Nita

Don't hesitate; schedule! Patrick is knowledgeable, patient, and a clear explainer. We covered a lot in an hour: how equilibrium price and quantity are affected by tax, consumer surplus, producer surplus, deadweight loss, subsidies, elasticity, and budget constraint curves and indifference curves. Thank you, Patrick!

- Sinclair

Excellent tutor. Patrick C. was great with his very helpful microeconomic insights and concise, no-nonsense teaching approach; we got a lot done in a limited time and I appreciate his professionalism.

- Mike

Patrick is an amazing tutor and person. His knowledge of macroeconomics is amazing. I truly feel he should be a teacher in the course. His tutoring skills are top notch, I love the way he breaks down every aspect of macro. He so far has helped me to understand supply and demand, and aggregate supply and aggregate demand. His graphs are amazing and clear cut. I love the fact that he will question me to see if I am on the right track and if not than we review again, but maybe with a different scenario. I would recommend Patrick to anyone. Thank you Patrick!

- Kim B

Very helpful. Patrick was very patient with me trying to understand how the problems worked. He explained in detail step by step which is exactly what I look forward to in every session. Hope to have another lesson by him so can review and cover more topics. Definitely recommended.

- Ehtsham

He is amazing! Actually it was my first online lesson and I was worrying about it. But wyzant system and Patrick is amazing! I learned everything that I didn’t understand about macroeconomics. I got an A grade from exam. Highly recommend for everyone!

- Berke

Patrick is extremely patient and super knowledgeable in macroeconomics. He breaks the material down until you fully understand how to get the answer. If you’re looking for someone that’s patient and knowledgeable, he’s your guy.

- Ariel W

Patrick was very knowledgeable, patient, and easy to understand. I went from having a very low understanding of the macroeconomics lesson, to a much better grasp of the content. Considering this area has zero to do with my major, Patrick is doing a wonderful job helping me

- AJ G

Great tutor! Knowledgeable in Micro, he helped me out greatly. Highly recommended to anyone in need of help. Patient as well and can guide you through whatever you're struggling with.

- Evance

Patrick really understands economics. I am scared to death of statistics and Patrick was helpful and non judgmental. He let me go at my pace (which probably was backwards to him). And he helped me understand from a management perspective what the numbers meant. He was on time and ready for the lesson. I highly recommend him!

- Denise

Patrick is a first-rate tutor.  He always met during hours that fit my schedule and he patiently worked out the material with me until I understood.  Highly recommended. 

- December 2017 graduate

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